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Yearbook 2016

Barbados. In February, the country's minister responsible for tourism and international transport noted that 2015 was the best tourism year ever for Barbados. According to countryaah, most tourists, just over a third, come from the UK. The service industry, which includes the tourism sector, contributes over 80% of Barbados total GDP.

2016 Barbados

In March, an agreement was signed between Barbados and the island state of Saint Lucia. A state can claim a territorial sea of ​​up to 12 nautical miles off the baselines that delimit the state's inland water. But Barbados and Saint Lucia are closer than that, so the states must agree on the boundary of each state's territorial sea. Present at the negotiations were representatives of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, who in 2015 signed a similar agreement with Barbados.

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