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Yearbook 2016

Ireland. According to countryaah, Prime Minister Enda Kenny's governing coalition Fine Gael and Labor did not receive a majority in the parliamentary elections on February 26, forcing Kenny to approach arch rival Fianna Fáil, who made a good choice (23%). Only in a fourth attempt was Enda Kenny re-elected in May as prime minister.

2016 Ireland

Ireland's favorable business tax rules were investigated during the year by the EU, led by competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager. At the end of August, the European Commission decided that the electronics company Apple will repay EUR 13 billion, equivalent to SEK 125 billion, in tax to Ireland. In a similar ruling, this time from the United States, Facebook demanded the equivalent of SEK 43 billion since moving the business to Ireland in 2010. In September, Kenny made an unsuccessful attempt to convince his minority government to appeal the EU decision regarding Apple. In November, however, Finance Minister Michael Noonan announced that the EU judgment will still be appealed.

In June, a UN report drew harsh criticism of the country's ban on abortions, which it believes are discriminatory and cruel. The reason for the criticism was that a woman was forced to go to the UK to abort a fetus with an injury which meant that this would still die before childbirth. During the fall, several demonstrations were held to abolish the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, which protects the unborn's right to life and only approves abortion in extreme cases, such as when the mother's life is in danger. In Dublin alone, for example, over 20,000 people demonstrated at the end of September. According to a survey by the Irish Times, only a small majority (55%) are in favor of abolishing the constitutional supplement.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) announced in June that three EU countries, Ireland, the UK and the Czech Republic, are suspected of violating labor law conventions.

Following the June referendum in the UK, British applications for Irish passports increased to such an extent that Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan asked those who sought to "calm down". Everyone born in Ireland (or Northern Ireland) is entitled to an Irish passport; this also applies to those who have parents, even grandparents, born in Ireland.

The country was pleased to have the fastest growing economy in the EU during the previous year. During the fourth quarter of 2015, growth was 9%. Growth was the largest since 2001. To counteract the effects of Britain's exit from the EU, Ireland is now planning tax cuts in agriculture, food and tourism. Minister of Finance Noonan therefore presented a “Brexit-proof” budget in October.

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