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Yearbook 2016

Jamaica. In January, Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller announced parliamentary elections for the following month.

2016 Jamaica

According to countryaah, the election, which attracted only 48% of voters, became extremely smooth. The Millers People's National Party (FNP) received 49.7% of the vote, resulting in 31 seats in parliament and thus a change of government. The right-wing Jamaica Labor Party (JLP), which received 50.3% of the vote, was granted 32 seats. JLP's party leader Andrew Holness, who was prime minister for just over two months 2011-12, re-entered as head of government in early March.

In September, it was announced that the country's national health fund was commissioned to develop a national health insurance system that can finance the public health care sector. The fund's chairman, Christopher Zacca, said the process was expected to take up to two years.

Jamaican sprinter runner Usain Bolt became historic at the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics. Bolt became the first to win the 100m, 200m and 4 100 branches in three Olympic games through the ages.

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