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Yearbook 2016

2016 NorwayNorway. At the beginning of the year, the government decided to tighten asylum and refugee policy. According to the Minister for Immigration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug, the Progress Party (Frp), the aim was to create some of Europe's toughest immigration rules. Among other things, they wanted to have the opportunity to reject asylum seekers who came via Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries. According to countryaah, permanent residence permits became more difficult, family immigration was restricted and rules were tightened for unaccompanied children.

2016 Norway

The opposition in the Socialist Left Party reacted strongly to the proposal, saying that Listhaug was inappropriate in his role. According to the government's support party Christian People's Party, the proposal would slow down integration.

Across the border from the Russian Federation in the north, over 5,000 refugees and migrants had arrived in one year. The government decided on a return, but in January the Russian authorities stopped the attempts for reasons of security.

Norway decided to build a fence at the only border station on the border with the Russian Federation. The decision was criticized by local politicians, who said it was a negative symbol with no practical benefit.

Thirteen people died when a helicopter crashed off an oil platform in the North Sea outside Bergen in April. The helicopter fell from high altitude and exploded at the crash to the ground. The helicopter type was banned from flying in Norway while the accident was investigated.

On July 22, commemorative ceremonies were held on the fifth anniversary of the terrorist acts in Oslo and Utřya, when 77 people died. Prime Minister Erna Solberg labeled July 22 as the darkest day in Norway's history and stated that it has provided an important lesson - that extremism can emerge in all societies.

Prime Minister Solberg devoted himself during the year to a popular pleasure. During an official visit to Slovakia, she went on Pokémon hunting with bodyguards and TV teams in tow in Bratislava. Later, she was caught playing Pokémon Go in the Storting while Left Leader Trine Skei Grande was in the pulpit. However, Skei Grande was forgiving - she herself was revealed to be chasing Pokémon during a hearing in the Storting about Norway's future defense.

In September, Frp declared that it is for the first time saying no to Norwegian EU membership. While the EU was started as a peace project to prevent war between European nations, the Union has now been reduced to a source of conflict, Frp.

The government's budget for 2017 included, among other things, upgrading with new combat plans and submarines, initiatives that were motivated by threats from the Russian Federation. The budget deficit of as much as NOK 225 billion would be covered by the state oil fund. For the first time, a government used more funds from the oil fund than it came in during the year. The reason was the record low oil prices.

In a disputed verdict, the district court in Oslo declared that the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik's placement in an isolation cell for five years meant inhuman treatment. Breivik had sued the state and upheld the court that his human rights had been violated with severe restrictions on visits and communication with the outside world. The state appealed against the judgment.

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