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Yearbook 2016

Senegal. In January, more than 900 people were arrested and interrogated after hotels in Burkina Faso and Mali were attacked by Islamist terrorists. According to countryaah, the measures were said to have been implemented for security reasons but were not alleged to be related to any terrorism.

2016 Senegal

In March, a shortening of the president's term in a referendum was approved. As of the 2019 elections, the president is allowed to sit for five years against the previous seven. The month before, the Supreme Court rejected the incumbent President Macky Sall's request that his term of office also be shortened.

A shortage of goods arose in February on both sides of the Senegal-Gambia border. The border was blocked by truck drivers who parked their vehicles to prevent all commercial traffic. The reason was Gambia's decision to double the fees for trucks crossing the border. Only after negotiations between the governments of the countries was the blockade lifted at the end of May.

The same month, the former Chad dictator, Hissène Habré, was sentenced to life imprisonment by a specially established court in Senegal's capital Dakar. According to the judgment, Habré is liable to the death of 40,000 people during his reign in 1982-90 and he was therefore convicted of crimes against humanity. In July, those affected by abuse during Habré's regime were awarded compensation of approximately SEK 300,000. The dictator appealed the verdict but a new trial was not expected to begin until sometime in 2017. The court has been ordered by the African Union.

In June, corruption convicted Karim Wade, son of former President Abdoulaye Wade, was pardoned by President Sall. In October, Sall's brother, Aliou Sall, resigned as head of the partially state-owned oil company Timis after being accused of corruption.

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