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Solomon Islands

Yearbook 2016

Solomon Islands. During the year, a new law came into force that can provide up to three years in prison for violence in close relationships. It can also be a prison to prevent police or health care personnel from intervening in domestic violence.

2016 Solomon Islands

According to countryaah, the new law was celebrated by Vois Blong Mere (The Voice of Women), a rights group that fought for domestic violence to become a criminal offense and not a private matter. Two out of three women are said to have been subjected to domestic violence and the Solomon Islands have been listed as the worst country in the world when it comes to sexual violence against women.

In April, a study was published showing that five of the country's small islands have disappeared in 40 years when sea levels have risen and sandy beaches have been washed away. Six other islands have been severely attacked and are at risk according to researchers. In the last two decades, the sea has risen by up to 10 millimeters a year in the Solomon Islands.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare gave a speech in July on behalf of his and previous governments apologizing for the bloody conflict that plagued the Solomon Islands for five years from 1998. Sogavare said that ethnic violence could erupt because government policy did not take sufficient account of the country's ethnic diversity and traditional land ownership. More than 100 people were killed and about 20,000 fled their homes because of the conflict.

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