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Yearbook 2016

Spain. According to countryaah, government formation after the elections held in December 2015 dragged on, when what was, in practice, a two-party system was dissolved in the election success of the left-wing Podemos ("We Can") and the liberal Ciudadanos ("Citizens"). Conservative People's Party (PP) with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy remained as Minister of Expedition while attempts were made to stitch together a coalition.

2016 Spain

The Socialist Party PSOE soon emerged as the King after the party leader Pedro Sánchez announced that the Socialists would not even passively - through abstentions - support a minority government on the right. But the PSOE had no chance of forming government with the two party parties, as Podemos demanded a referendum in Catalonia on leaving Spain while Ciudadanos was originally formed to prevent just that. Sánchez likewise made fruitless attempts to form a coalition with one of the two and the support of small regional parties.

Finally, in May, the new parliament dissolved and King Felipe announced new elections. In the June elections, PP remained the biggest and strengthened its position slightly while the PSOE backed for the third consecutive election. However, the elections did not bring about any major changes and did not resolve the government issue.

Gradually, Sánchez's line against the PP faced increasing criticism within his own party, with many fearing that the result would be yet another election and that the party would then lose even more seats. In the end, the contradictions in the PSOE became so great that the party leadership deposed Sánchez and agreed to allow the PP to form a minority government. Thus, over ten months of political stalemate was over.

The economy continued with a cautious recovery. Growth was one of the highest in the euro zone and unemployment fell to below 20% for the first time in six years. At the same time, government debt increased over 100% of gross domestic product for the first time in over 100 years.

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