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Yearbook 2016

Tunisia. In connection with the fifth anniversary of the popular revolt that overthrew President Ben Ali in January 2011, unrest erupted in the city of al-Qasrayn. These later spread to the capital Tunis and the government imposed curfews in the evenings and nights.

2016 Tunisia

According to countryaah, one important reason for the protests was the high unemployment rate in the country. In January, Prime Minister Habib Essid carried out a government reform, which included, among other things, the Foreign Minister and the Minister of the Interior. In the same month, 22 members of the party Nida Tounes (Call for Tunisia) broke up and formed al-Horra (the free bloc). As a result, Nida Tounes lost the position of Parliament's largest party to Ennahda. In March, another party - Machrouu Tounes - was formed by a defender from Nida Tounes.

After several weeks of demands for his departure, Essid himself requested a vote of confidence in his government in Parliament. An overwhelming majority voted against Essid and in early August President Beji Caid Essebsi appointed the Minister of Local Affairs, Youssef Chahed, as new head of government with the task of forming a unifying government.

In February, the government announced that a 20-mile barrier along the Libyan border was complete. The barrier will make it more difficult for terrorists to enter Tunisia. In March, however, a group of suspected Islamists managed to cross the border and attack an army base and a police station in the city of Ben Guerdane. Some 50 of the perpetrators were killed, the security forces lost 13 men and seven civilians lost their lives. In June, it was reported that Seifeddine Jameli, a member of the Tunisian IS-affiliated organization Jund al-Khilafa (Caliphate's soldiers) and regarded as one of the country's most dangerous terrorists, was killed.

In October, the state of emergency was originally extended in 2011 once again. With reference to terrorist threats, the state of emergency shall apply until January 2017.

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